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Bhutan is Asia’s best-kept secret. Overshadowed and nestled between China and India, it is a relatively new travel spot, with many undiscovered secrets in its natural scenery and quiet townships. The land is dotted with red-clothed monks, ancient Buddhist temples, and friendly smiles. It is one calm country, where gross national happiness is more important than money, where chilies are used as a vegetable rather than for spice, and the thunder dragon, Druk, is emblazoned on the national flag, symbolising the people of Bhutan: loyal, patriotic and living with a total sense of belonging within the kingdom.


Beyond the fun and fresh air, camping can teach kids valuable life lessons about taking risks, respecting nature, and being active. We have you do make an unforgettable trip with us. Kasol is a place efor inner piece you must spend some time here may you will meet yousel here.

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